Billing Terms and Lines of Credit

Line of Credit Forms

Worth Lumber Company provides the option to setup billing terms and extend lines of credit to qualified businesses and contractors.

To help ensure the integrity of our business and yours, please complete and submit the following forms to apply. These forms can be delivered in person to our office, or alternatively, can be securely uploaded to us using the links provided below.

To upload your forms, please download each form first, complete and save them on your computer, and then proceed to the upload section.

Bank Credit Reference Form

Proof of Banking accounts and credit. To be completed for personally for your business, as well as by your local bank.

Download Our Bank Credit Reference Form

Business Credit Application Form

Please provide the appropriate business information on this business credit application form. Credit terms are included on the bottom of the form.

Download Our Business Credit Application Form

Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Form

The Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Certificate is used when claiming exemption from sales/use tax. Instructions included on the form.

Download Our Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Form

In-House Design Team for Blueprints

We can provide detailed designs and blueprints for your project--whether it is a small kitchen or bath remodel--or completely new construction. We will help you visualize the end result, create blueprints and materials estimates, and help you find qualified contractors that can get the job done right.

Products For Professionals

From Contractor Rates, Billing Terms, and Purchasing in Bulk, we have your local contracting business covered. Come in and we will discuss options to get you set up to deliver the best materials and service to your clients.

We Carry The Highest Quality Products Available! We also Work With The Leading Manufacturers In The Business To Ensure Every Product We Sell Meets The Demands Of Each Project.